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  Zhenyu Chen Chen Zhenyu, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, Software Institute, Nanjing University, mainly engaged in the research of intelligent software engineering. Founder of Mutest Technology, initiator of IEEE International Software Testing Competition, Director of Lingnan Information Innovation Testing and Research Center, Executive Director of Industrial Working Committee of Jiangsu Computer Society, Independent Director of Suning Tesco. Distinguished lecturer of the Chinese Computer Society, and the leader of the national first-class undergraduate course "Software Testing". He has presided over 2 invention patent transfer projects, 1 invention patent licensing project, 1 project of the Golden Customs Project Phase II of the General Administration of Customs, 1 national key research and development plan project and National Natural Science Foundation of China (key projects, general projects, international exchanges) ) 8 projects, participated in the 973 Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of Chinese major research projects, and a number of major international cooperation projects. Some research results have been transformed in well-known companies such as China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, AVIC, China Electric Power, State Grid, Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Huawei, etc. The results won the first prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Award in 2012 and Hubei Science and Technology in 2015 The first prize of the Progress Award, the 2017 CCF NASAC Neusoft Youth Software Innovation Award and the second prize of the 2018 National Teaching Achievement Award.

  The Construction of an Information Innovation Ecosystem Integrating Production, Education, and Research Information Innovation has become one of the key research areas of the country's current science and technology, and the construction of Information Innovation's software ecosystem is a key part. Briefly introduce the development history and current situation of Information Innovation and explain the impact of open source and crowdsourcing on the current Information Innovation software ecosystem. Analyze why the integration of production, education (research) is the only way for software engineering practice and solve the difficulties that current software teaching is often divorced from reality and software practice projects are also divorced from the front line of industry. Share the idea of integrating education, scientific research and industrial services based on the Mooctest platform and improve the practical utility of software engineering courses by introducing real tasks of software companies. Finally, elaborate on the opportunities and challenges of the integration of production, education (research) to promote the ecological construction of our country's credit and innovation.


  Zhenning Li Zhenning Li, Vice President of Kylin Software, Senior Engineer. In the field of open source and basic software for 20 years, the main research direction is open-source software, operating system, and network security. Presided over and participated in the formulation and release of national and team standards for multiple operating systems or basic software fields, the preparation and review of national nuclear and high-base topics, the overall planning of the software industry in the 12th to 14th five-year plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, with industry and technology and marketing Compound experience. Member of Experts of the Second Phase of the National Integrated Circuit Fund; Director of Shanghai Basic Software Engineering Center; Executive Chairman of China, Japan and Korea Open-source Reform Committee; Member of System Software Special Committee of China Computer Society; Member of China Cyberspace Security Association; Most Valuable Expert of Tencent Cloud; The most valuable expert of HUAWEI CLOUD.

  Thoughts on ecological construction based on open-source operating systems This report starts with the topic of open source operating systems, leading everyone to recognize open source, emphasizing the importance of open-source communities and the issue of open-source intellectual property rights. Taking Kylin as an example to introduce the experience and specific situation of the establishment of Kylin operating system and open source ecological environment, and introduces Kylin Software Company, and finally puts forward some opinions.


   Daoguang TangDaoguang Tang, Senior Vice President/CTO of Baixin Information Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for technology development and management. Presided over 8 topics including the National Key R&D Plan, Shanxi Province Major Project, Shanxi Province Key R&D Program, etc., and successfully developed the first domestic commercial independent controllable and trusted computer based on TCM/TPCM; won the 2017 and 2018 China Computer Society Science and Technology Progress Excellence Award; Won the title of "Three Jin Talents" Young Excellent Talents in Shanxi Province in 2018. At present, he is mainly engaged in board design based on domestic CPU, embedded system transplantation, and research and development of trusted computing products.

   Information Innovation Personnel Training: Thinking From the Perspective of the EnterpriseInformation technology application innovation involves all aspects of the IT industry, including hardware, software, security, and manufacturing. Personnel are the foundation for the healthy and rapid development of the Information Innovation industry. Information Innovation enterprises have an urgent need for personnel, and they have high requirements for the comprehensive capabilities of their personnel. They must not only master strong technical skills, but also have a good understanding of the industry. From the perspective of the enterprise, the report puts forward the specific needs of Information Innovation enterprises for personnel, and discusses how to increase teaching links and content to promote the cultivation of Information Innovation personnel.


   Hang Yu Hang Yu, an outstanding Communist Party member, has been engaged in the construction and management of informatization projects for many years, and has been in charge of or participated in a number of national-level large-scale integrated information systems and major special projects. Joined the Loongson team in 2016 and served as the assistant to the president of Loongson Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd., and the general manager of Loongson Zhongke (Taiyuan) Technology Co., Ltd. Good at informatization project construction management, party, government and military information construction management, autonomous and controllable information technology application, and Loongson CPU application technology. Responsible for leading the establishment and operation of Godson Technology (Taiyuan) Technology Co., Ltd. and the "Safe and Reliable Scientific Research and Technology Application Demonstration Base" project.

   Thoughts on ecological construction based on open-source operating systems The development of the information technology application innovation (Information Innovation) industry is one of the important methods to fundamentally solve the problem of stuck necks. This report focuses on the research and development of the Loongson series of CPUs and the LoongArch instruction set, combined with the specific industry applications of Loongson products, to illustrate the importance of the healthy development of ecological construction. Finally, from the perspective of the integration of production and education, it explains the work of Loongson in the cultivation of personnel. It is hoped that more enterprises and universities will join the development of the industry chain, education chain and innovation chain of my country's credit and innovation industry.


   Pinle QinPinle Qin, Professor, Deputy Dean of the School of Big Data, North University of China, Executive Dean of the School of Modern Information Innovation Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Education, North University of China. A famous teaching teacher in Shanxi Province, 10,000 outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship instructors from the Ministry of Education, and the person in charge of the national social practice gold course "Intelligent Mobile Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Course". Vice Chairman of Shanxi Computer Society. Won two special prizes for teaching achievements in Shanxi Province, one first prize, the third prize in the selection of national colleges and universities self-made instruments, and the second prize for outstanding achievements in the "Five Elementary and Six Modernization" Science and Technology Competition in Shanxi Province. He is currently engaged in research on visual intelligence perception, image big data storage, analysis and visualization, and Information Innovation security. He presided over 9 provincial and ministerial-level projects including the China Postdoctoral Fund, Shanxi Provincial Key R&D Program, and Shanxi Provincial Natural Fund, as well as more than 20 corporate commissioned projects. He has published more than 80 papers, of which more than 30 have been indexed by SCI/EI.

   Thinking and Application of Information Innovation System Construction At present, the Information Innovation industry has developed into a national strategy. This report combines the scientific research work of the Information Innovation Modern Industry College approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of North University of China and the Information Innovation Industry Development Consulting Project undertaken by the Chinese Academy of Engineering to propose the top level of the development of the Information Innovation production chain and proposes an idea of top-level design of development of Information Innovation production chain, combined with the design and implementation of the software and hardware system of intelligent perception of extreme environments, expounds the importance and effects of top-level design, and provides a reference for the development of the Information Innovation production chain of Shanxi Province. Finally, introduces the opportunities and challenges of the construction of the School of School of Information Innovation Entrepreneurship, North University of China.





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